Biuro tłumaczeń dla McLaren

We are an official retailer of McLaren Automotive an established high-technology company that tailors its offer to market needs and customer requirements. It delivers highest quality sports and racing cars, providing unparalleled driving and lifestyle experiences.

Choosing the highest quality in business, we liaise with entities that operate like we do and that meet our expectations. In the sphere of translation, we work with the team of LIWO Ttumaczenia that sprang to life in 2007.

For the last two years only, we have completed together many projects in such languages as English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Japanese.


Referencje McLaren dla Liwo

We acknowledge our collaboration and appreciate high quality in both translation and customer service. When we used to look for suppliers, many a times we found that the translation market is scattered - this is a difficult sector, and collaboration is exposed to the risk of receiving low quality translation.

We can always count on LIWO Tłumaczenia as our business partner, even in very difficult translation, in various disciplines, made at short notice and often in less popular languages.

Given the foregoing, we recommend LIWO Tłumaczenia to those who want to focus on essential objectives of their companies and themselves look for reliable outsourcing companies.

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