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LIWO is a company offering comprehensive translation services.
For our clients, we provide document translation, including sworn translation, and interpretation. Our client base includes companies from various sectors and of varied specialist background.

We take part in business meetings and arrange international conferences, ensuring for our clients experienced interpreters who cover over 50 languages as well as other specialists.

Our long-time experience in working with demanding clients and professional translators and interpreters have allowed us to set up an agency which matches the market demand fully.

In addition, we ensure high quality services using our efficient technical facilities, proven professionals and customer service personnel who are tasked to use their knowledge and to suggest the best solutions that suit our clients’ needs.

Translators who cooperate with our office specialize in specific fields, so we select people with appropriate knowledge for each project. We cooperate with translators with medical experience, engineers and specialists in many other industries. Each of them is also characterized by fluent knowledge of the target language.

Our experienced team in the service department will be happy to help you implement even very complex projects. Each translation is verified by our internal proofreaders. We also provide interpreting services during corporate meetings, training sessions and large international conferences. As part of this service, we provide the necessary interpreting equipment.

Our services are used by international corporations, small and medium-sized companies and individual clients from every business sector. The quality of our translations is confirmed by testimonials from clients who trust the experience and commitment of LIWO Translations.

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Our priority is long-term cooperation.

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